COVID-19 Testing Information

Please visit the following sites for additional testing information:

  • Indiana COVID-19 information, including testing locations:
  • COVID-19 testing through the Indiana State Department of Health/OptumServe Health Services: or by phone at 888-634-1116
  • Lilly is not currently offering drive-through testing to the public

    Additional resources:
  • If you are looking to access results from a previous test, please visit:
  • For health care workers, first responders, essential workers, and individuals deemed higher risk who were previously tested, our Notice of Privacy Practices and Release forms can be found here for reference.
  • New enrollment in the asymptomatic research study has ended. Participants already enrolled in the study who are eligible for follow-up testing will be contacted by study staff. For study participants, please click here for Notice of Privacy Practices and Study Consent forms from the asymptomatic study.